Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I use my NetID to login (instead of letting me setup my own login)?
Since we are so into using one card on campus, it makes sense that we would want you to use one login for campus. You can use the same login that you use for CyberBear and many other online services! 

What if I don't know my NetID login information? 

Support for your NetID can be found at the UM Solutions Center. 

What will happen the first time I log in using my NetID?
Your 790# and Griz Card accounts will be automatically associated to your NetID. If you previously created an eAccounts specific login (prior to January 9th, 2018), you will receive an automated email letting you know that your NetID user login has successfully complete registration using the same customer number that was previously used to register (the system is acknowledging you once had a non-NetID login and now have a NetID login setup). 

Wait, I’m a parent!  I don’t know that information! How do I make deposits to my student’s account now?
Don’t worry, you can still make deposits. Simply make a “guest deposit” by entering your student’s last name and UM ID (790) Number to link the deposit to their account. It still goes on instantly!

I lost my card! I need to deactivate it!
Login using your NetID and select "Card Services." Then simply select the "Deactivate Card" button and your card will be reported lost or stolen and stop working immediately. The card will remain deactivated until you visit the Griz Card Center in the UC to have it reinstated. For your protection, we will not reinstate a Griz Card over the phone.

How do I save my payment information for future deposits?
To save your credit or debit card payment information for future deposits, the first time you make a deposit logged in under your NetID, on the last page “Receipt for Account Deposit” you will want to check the box “Save this payment method for future use.” You will then be asked if you want to provide a nickname for that card. That is it! The next time you deposit you can just select that card to make your deposit.

Huh? What is this eAccounts thing you are talking about? 
eAccounts is used to check your Griz Card account balances, including UMoney, Bear Bucks, meal plan and flex dollars. You can log in to make deposits and save your debit or credit card information for quick deposits on the go, or schedule reoccurring deposits. You also use eAccounts to report your card lost or stolen 24/7. 

Where can I find more information about the accounts on my Griz Card, including Terms and Conditions?
More information on the accounts can be found online. For Bear Bucks, visit the University of Montana Campus Dining website. For UMoney, visit the Griz Card Center website.